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Dr. Wouter Duetz (biotechnologist, 10 yrs researcher at the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment [RIVM] in the Netherlands, 5 yrs ETH Zurich, Presently CEO Enzyscreen BV, 40 scientific articles in peer-reviewed international journals).
This website was set up by citizens in their spare time without external funding. Information was derived from books and journal articles and a network of international experts, in particular Dr. Gerd Oberfeld from the Public Health Department in Salzburg,  who has acknowledged the negative health effects of a chronic exposure to microwave radiation already more than 10 years ago, and has - in negociations with the telecom industry - minimized the exposure of citizens in Salzburg.
  • a technical specialist - preferably a former employee from the telecom industry - who can help us with the further refinement of the alternative antennae network as presented on this website
  • someone knowledgeable in radar technology, preferably with a military background, who can help us to dig up old research material in this area (in particular with regard to reported health effects)